Special needs and writing.

We all know the one person with Down Syndrome who works nearby or seen the Special School District students in the halls of schools. I’ve worked with them in the SSD (Special School District) before. I carried around bubbles in my bag not only for myself, but for children and those on the spectrum. In all my years, though, I’ve never truly seen stories about special needs people. Not positive ones.

In all my years, I can’t recall many people in these works. Daredevil is one name I know. Who wouldn’t know the blind super hero? The children’s book Rules, about a girl who babysits a family’s autistic son, comes to mind. Yet, I see very little about people on the spectrum.

Most of are familiar with the story Of Mice and Men, the story of the gentle giant who loves soft animals and doesn’t understand how the world works. The portrayal of Lennie, an autistic man struggling with his world, isn’t very positive. Lennie dies at the hand of his best friend for not having the sense of mind to understand he can hurt others easily.

My biggest question is where is the positive characters with autism? Why aren’t they centralized characters? Why do we not see it from their point of view?


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