Stories are a reflection of life.

Greetings writers. Yes, stories are a reflection of life. Much like the missing first half of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, there’s an influx of stories reflecting life.

Exhibit A would be the revival of vampires in 2008. Vampires came back and were rebuilt. Shortly after, we had The Hunger Games and other dystopians or post-apocalyptic writing. Zombies surged back up after in pop culture.

When the Industrial Revolution was going on in Britain there was literature coming out on a legendary figure known as Spring Heeled Jack. I believe there are reports of seeing this being. Check him out here. Spring-heeled Jack

Now, as time progresses we see revivals of the dreaded smut novella. Alive, reborn, and in the form of words I do not wish to write here. Popular culture influenced many spinoffs of the dreaded fifty torment.

After 9/11 we saw and uptick in patriotic writings, post-apocalyptic, and thrillers about moles in the White House or in our homes. Dangers lurk around every corner. Slenderman, a faceless lanky man is here to torture you all. Get the pages and survive. Our worlds revolve around our form of influence.


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