Creativity and flow. What does this means for us?

As a writer, all of us need creative flow and simply creativity in general. How we go about it is personal for some of us. For OC Craig, he plays with his toys. For me, I meme pictures and read. Music helps me too.

Creativity is the lifeblood of writers everywhere.

What you do is your own business, but I like music and memes. I make them when I play games. An author, I forget which one, mentioned they would go do laundry while they left their book alone and they’d come up with something. Author Tamora Pierce keeps fan art of her works in her workspace. Whatever you see, whatever you do, do not give up.

Flow is important as it help with reading. If a piece is so poorly written no one wants to read you’ll probably not make it. The number of times I’ve shut a book over flow and content is a large number I forgot.

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