One word. Tropes.

Greetings everyone from the heart of the Kyra clan. Today we’re talking tropes.

First off, what is a trope?
Well, a trope is defined as a reoccurring theme or a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression.

When you write tropes, stick with something you know you can work with. In my gothic, horror, and fantasy class at community college we never read Harry Potter. Why? Because it wasn’t considered great literature like Dracula. Dracula is actually missing the whole first part of it. I digress. Tropes.

There’s a lot of tropes about love yourself, find love, what is the world if you have no one to share it with? There’s tropes about darkness. There’s tropes about faith. Reading the medieval text Judith teaches a lot more than you’d expect. Nothing like a holy virgin of God beheading Holofernes and carrying his head out in a bag with her servant. The tropes in that are very inspiring.

When you write a trope don’t throw it all in one spot like it’s planned. It doesn’t help. If you want to plan a central theme sure, but I never do that. I don’t find it useful. Unless you want to be like the dreaded saga of Twilight I abhor. Plan if it helps you. Don’t lose everything though. That’s the short of it.

If you’re doing tropes as characters choose wisely. Choose very wisely. Look at how people behave and follow how your character would act. For example these two people, Diogenes and Triboulet. Both are masters of sass. Real world masters of sass. I gave up on the Percy Jackson series and anything to do with Rick Riordan years ago. I follow Brandon Mull though. If you google both of them you’ll find a hell of good time. Stick to your characters don’t make it off or you’ll eventually have it make no sense. Both men’s exploits are legendary in my book. Sort of like the patron saint of comedians and firefighters whose name escapes me. He was roasted alive and made the joke of turn me over I’ m done on this side. Something like that. Anyways these two links should help.


Stay safe out there everyone!

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