Sci-Fi Writing: What about that?

Hi readers, we are back with Sci-Fi writing this time. In the wake of COVID-19 we’re all wondering about Sci-fi or at least, that’s what I am thinking about.

Science-Fiction gives a perfectly good outlet for the human mind. The writing of Sci-Fi also crosses over into movies. For example, Amazon’s Carnival Row, that’s fantasy/steampunk Victorian, but it started from a screenplay.

A lot of what Sci-Fi writers do is they look into their subject before they write a story. We had a popular Sci-Fi writer, whose name escapes me, come to my community college one year. What she told me was she researched everything before putting it all together.

Something else is looking at the writers of Superman. I have my sophomore science teacher to thank for this. He turned to the class one day while looking at the periodic table with us and mentioned the writers of Superman accidentally created an element for their work, and when it was discovered the scientists named it for them. I digress.

When you write Sci-Fi you have to know what you are talking about. Unless you’ve become SE. Smith. Who is she? One of their writers I stumbled into on Wattpad. Decent writer. Never been big on smut, but she does a good job of Sci-Fi writing. She writes some child-friendly works as well so her audience can share with their children. This is her website if you’ve never heard of her.

SE. Smith’s Website

Anyways, writing sci-fi doesn’t mean you go willy-nilly making stuff up. If you don’t know it, look into it or explain it well enough that you can pass it off. I, personally, would not like to make things up and be called wrong later. Know your works. Do not Stephanie Meyer it.

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